Our Facilities

What we have to offer

Yarding and Stabling

Great accommodation facilities for your horse/s, including:
28 Stables
78 Covered Yards
150 Yards

5 all-weather arenas

5 all-weather competition arenas and 2 sand training/warm-up arenas. 3 sand arenas now have the fantastic Treadlite applied and riders love them. More to come.

Hampton Oval is in great condition and highly recommended by many

Cross-Country Course

The cross country has both fixed and mobile fences.
There are over 250 fences in total ranging from 65cm to 1.2m in height.
Two water jumps – one which has just been enlarged and resurfaced.
Two permanent hedges and four ditch complexes.
Over 6km of developed tracks following levelling and resurfacing.
A number of contoured mounds and banks.

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