Our Facilities

What we have to offer

Yarding and Stabling

Great accommodation facilities for your horse/s, including:
28 Stables
78 Covered Yards
150 Yards

5 all-weather arenas

5 all-weather competition arenas and 2 sand training/warm-up arenas. 2 sand arenas now have the fantastic Treadlite applied and riders love them. More to come.

Hampton Oval is in great condition and highly recommended by many

Cross-Country Course

The cross country has both fixed and mobile fences.
There are over 250 fences in total ranging from 65cm to 1.2m in height.
Two water jumps – one which has just been enlarged and resurfaced.
Two permanent hedges and four ditch complexes.
Over 6km of developed tracks following levelling and resurfacing.
A number of contoured mounds and banks.

  • List of current Stables and Covered Yard Owners/Leasees

2Helen BoydLIFE
5D AllisonLIFE
6Soo WellsLIFE
14Susie HaywardLIFE
15Susie HaywardLIFE
19N & S OstermeierLIFE
20DJ & MC McCrostieLIFE
21Chris WallerLIFE
1Gould CockramLIFE
2K & J BroughLIFE
3K & J BroughLIFE
4Cherie Pearson2028
5Sam Pascoe2023
6Sam Pascoe2023
7KC & L BuckleyLIFE
8KC & L BuckleyLIFE
9C PoldenLIFE
10R SavageLIFE
11L ScotterLIFE
12L ScotterLIFE
13N PageLIFE
22K Boon?
23K & J BroughLIFE
24Gould CockramLIFE
29Kelly Tyson2028
30Kelly Tyson2028
41Donna Herring2024
42Donna Herring2024
43Donna Herring2024
44Christine Gardner2024
45Megan Robinson2024
53Michelle Marais2024
54Michelle Marais2024
56Lizzie D’Aldry2028
57Lizzie D’Aldry2028
59Lynley Stockdale2024
60Sarah van der Sluys2025
61Sophia D’Aldry2028
62Sophia D’Aldry2028
78Julie Fraser2024
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