Fees & Charges

The following fees and charges are current as of 1st July 2021. Please also read our terms and conditions. **PLEASE NOTE SEVERAL OF THESE ARE INCREASING ON 1st JULY 2022**

Dunstan Fiber Fresh NEC Christchurch Bank Account Number 06 0837 0131977 00

Membership Fees

Casual Rider / Non-Member
$20.00 per horse/day

NEC Christchurch Membership
$220 per year or $200 per year with early bird discount (due in June)

NEC Christchurch Family Membership
$500.00 per year

ESNZ Discipline Events/Shows/Clinics/Camps

Per horse/pony
$20.00 – first day
$5.00 – extra day

25 available
$30.00 per day

Covered Yard
80 available
$25.00 per day

Non Powered Campsite/Park
$10.00 per day/night

Open Yard
180 available
$10.00 per day

Powered Campsite/Park
40 available
$25.00 per day/night

Non ESNZ Events/Clinics Facility Hire

Glyn East Pavilion
Map reference: A

Sand Arena (Dressage 80×100)
Map reference: D

Sand Arena
(WaterForce Ring 3)
Map reference: G

Lunging/Dressage Arena
Map reference: J

Cross Country Competition Area (includes Training Area)

All Competition Facilities excluding XC Course (Training Grounds Open)

Non-Powered Camping
$10.00 per Truck/Float/Tent/Site

Covered Yards
80 available
$25.00 per day/night per horse

Hampton Oval
Map reference: B

Sand Arena (Dressage Warmup)
Map reference: E

Sand Arena (Ring 3 Warm Up Training)
Map reference: H

Competition Grass Arena ‘Siberia’

Training Water Jump Filled

All Grounds Closed

Powered Camping
$25.00 per day/night/site

25 available
$30.00 per day/night per horse

Sand Arena (TreadLite Dressage)
Map reference: C

Sand Arena (Black Sand)
Map reference: F

Sand Arena (Flatwork/Dressage Training)
Map reference: I

Hobson Horsecoaches Cross Country Training Grounds

Hobson Horsecoaches All Training Grounds

Ground Fee
$20 per horse/pony per day
Open yard day use only included (must be left clean)

Open Yards
180 available
$20.00 per day/night per horse

Equipment – NEC SJ Trailers
$50.00 per set of jumps
All other Dressage or Jumping Equipment available by contacting each discipline.

Casual User (Non NEC Member) – Training Grounds Only

Training Grounds Only
$20.00 per rider
Open Yard day use included (must be left clean)

Open Yards
$20.00 per day/night per horse

Overnight Camping/Motorhomes
$10.00 per Truck/Float/Tent including all occupants

Covered Yards/Stables
By arrangement only.

Powered Overnight Camping/Motorhomes
$25.00 per day including all occupants

Extra Fees & Charges

Full clean of 2 toilet blocks and Hall post event

Clean out yards post event fine
$20.00 each yard

At NEC Committee discretion.

Clean out boxes post event fine
$50.00 each stable

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