Fees & Charges

The following fees and charges are current as of 1st July 2022. Please also read our terms and conditions.

Dunstan Fiber Fresh NEC Christchurch Bank Account Number 06 0837 0131977 00

Membership Fees

Casual Rider / Non-Member
$22.00 per horse/day

NEC Christchurch Membership
$240 per year or $220 per year with early bird discount (due in June)

NEC Christchurch Family Membership
$540.00 per year

ESNZ Discipline Events/Shows/Clinics/Camps

Per horse/pony
$22.00 – first day
$6.00 – extra day

25 available
$40.00 per day

Covered Yard
74 available
$30.00 per day

Non Powered Campsite/Park
$10.00 per day/night

Open Yard
180 available
$12.00 per day

Powered Campsite/Park
40 available
$25.00 per day/night

Non ESNZ Events/Clinics Facility Hire

PLEASE NOTE: THE FOLLOWING FEES ARE A GUIDE ONLY – For ACCURATE PRICES please complete the ‘Competition Enquiry Form‘ or email us at administrator@nec-chch.co.nz as when using multiple grounds, the feels may alter.

Glyn East Pavilion

Canterbury Dressage Arena 80×100)

WaterForce Arena

Lunging/Dressage Arena

Cross Country Competition Area (includes Training Area)

All Competition Facilities excluding XC Course (Training Grounds Open)

Non-Powered Camping
$10.00 per Truck/Float/Tent/Site

Covered Yards
80 available
$30.00 per day/night per horse

Hampton Oval

Sand Arena ( Warmup)

Competition Grass Arena ‘Siberia’

Training Water Jump Filled

All Grounds Closed

Powered Camping
$25.00 per day/night/site

25 available
$40.00 per day/night per horse

TreadLite Arena

NEC Arena (100×80)

John Jones Steel Arena

Hobson Horsecoaches Cross Country Training Grounds

Hobson Horsecoaches All Training Grounds

Ground Fee
$22 per horse/pony per day
Open yard day use only included (must be left clean)

Open Yards
180 available
$12.00 per day/night per horse

Equipment – NEC SJ Trailers
$50.00 per set of jumps
All other Dressage or Jumping Equipment available by contacting each discipline.

Casual User (Non NEC Member) – Training Grounds Only

Training Grounds Only
$22.00 per rider
Open Yard day use included (must be left clean)

Open Yards
$12.00 per day/night per horse

Overnight Camping/Motorhomes
$10.00 per Truck/Float/Tent including all occupants

Covered Yards/Stables
By arrangement only.

Powered Overnight Camping/Motorhomes
$25.00 per day including all occupants

Extra Fees & Charges

Full clean of 2 toilet blocks and Hall post event

Clean out yards post event fine
$20.00 each yard

At NEC Committee discretion.

Clean out boxes post event fine
$50.00 each stable

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